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Thailand- Pukhet Bay

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Thailand, her exotic islands and breathtaking views, form a unique sailing experience. Tropical weather, beautiful beaches, islands and cliffs emerging from the waters, wild nature, green jungles, hidden caves, piquant and scrumptious Thai food, cocktails, massages and peaceful and quiet, all create a perfect vacation suitable for all. Yacht sailing in this area enables sailing amongst different tourist destinations and magical isolated islands that can be reached by the sea only.

The sailing route runs between the following islands: Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Ko Roch and Ko Moke, Railay and Tonsai baches, and other magical places which together create perfect diversity and balance between natural bays and beach towns. There are no docks, and water can only be filled in two places along the route.

The recommended season for sailing is from mid November to April. January-March are considered the most recommended, with the lowest probability of rain, and temperatures between 25-40 degrees. The prevailing winds during this period are north eastern up till 20 knots and a calm sea. Sailing is simple but you should take into account tides when you anchor. It is recommended to hire an air-conditioned yacht, due to the high level of humidity in this destination. The charter companies are located at Phuket Island at the Ao Pao Marina or at Haven Marina. There are no shops nearby, but the local staff is charming and helpful with anything you might need.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Release ropes and leave Pukhet Island to Ko Yao Yai, a quiet and magical bay for your first lunch break. Then continue to the north of the well known Ko Phi Phi Island, characterized with white sandy beaches, tropical jungle and rocky cliffs that emerge from the water. At sunset climb up to the observation point. In the evening we recommend enjoing a beer in the Deef Geco bar, a small and enchanting bar managed by Deco Zola. There are restaurants on the beach front as well as a market where you can find almost anything you might need.

Day 2:

Early exit towards the south bay of the beautiful island Ko Lanta, where there is Bars, restaurants, massage and a Seven eleven grocery store. Recommended bar with a lively beach atmosphere is Why Not.

Day 3:

Start your day with sailing to Ko Nagi for snorkeling and beach walk. Water can be filled on the dock on the eastern side. Continue sailing to Ko Karden Island for the night anchoring. Go down to the beach (a short walk) to discover Lost Paradise beach on the other side, with an excellent restaurant and fun atmosphere. It is advisable to begin when it is still light, and don’t forget to take a light.

Day 4:

Early start at sunrise to Ko Mok and to the Ismargad cave, a gorgeous Hong open 360 degrees to the sky – a breathtaking experience! Enter with the dingy and take head lights. You can only go in when it is low tide. Then anchor in the northern part of Ko Lanta. There is a supermarket and a wonderful restaurant named Moon.

Day 5:

Sailing to Railay and Tonsai beaches, near the town of Krabi. Both beaches can be reached only from the sea because of the cliffs that surround them on all sides. As the sun sets, the lights on the beach are turned on and the bay comes to life with bars and restaurants. The bay is famous for rock climbing sports – taking a lesson is recommended. On the way there you can anchor in the amazing Ko Dam Island with a sandy strip connecting the two islets.

DAY 6:

There are two excellent options for Friday – sailing to the James Bond Islands or to Ko Yao Yai. In either option you may stop for lunch anchoring at the Ko Hong bay.

Day 7:

Yachts departure is until 9:00am.

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