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Sardinia and Corsica

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Kissing Pigs restaurant

Calla Cottico bay

Medline town and nature reserve

One is Italian, the other- French… Sardinia and Corsica are separated by only six nautical miles, and during a week’s sailing you can enjoy the difference and magic that each place has to offer. The sailing route leaves from the north eastern side of Sardinia, northwards along the Emerald Coast, the Medline reserve, and over to the southern part of Corsica (France). The area offers one of the most beautiful routes in the Mediterranean, demonstrating everything that Italy and France have to offer: abundant azure coves, white beaches, organized anchorage areas, docks and marinas, as well as beautiful bays, excellent food, nice people, enchanting towns and breathtaking views.

Weather: light to medium winds, general northern direction and with the Mistral season the northern winds increase.

Recommended season: May – June and September – October. In July and August there is a greater chance of strong Mistral winds and congestion in the marinas.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Exit the marina northwards towards the island of Caprere to the beautiful bay Cala Coticcio, with mesmerizing turquoise waters. This beautiful “Little Tahiti” Cala Coticcio in fact is known as a cove hidden among the rocks, although not recommended for anchoring with winds from the south/east. The small beach is surrounded by nature and is suitable for small children due to its relatively shallow water. Continue to night anchorage in Cannigione, a nice town with a private marina with a large supermarket, restaurants, bakery and ice cream parlor.

Day 2:

Afternoon anchorage: in the Cala Lunga bay with a short and pleasant walk to the light house. Cross over to the neighboring island Corsica for a night in the amazing Rondinara bay with turquoise waters. There is a coffee house at the beach and a small pier for a dinghy.

Day 3:

“The cherry on top”. A short and easy day’s sailing to Bonifacio. We recommend not arriving too early and not after 12.00 or 13.00 in the afternoon, so that you will have time to dock and visit the town. The entrance to Bonifacio is very impressive, lying between cliffs. You must tour the ancient city, climb up to the fortress and tour the alleys. Next to the reef there is an excellent place for ice cream and a good restaurant called Kissing Pigs.

Day 4:

For those of you who want a bay, we highly recommend sailing westwards to the nature reserve in Corsica called Sperono de Punta next to the golf course. Spend the night at Razzoli bay, a long and narrow bay that is beautiful and recommended. For those who want a marina, sail to Santa Teresa Di Galura, a lively town with many places of entertainment.

Day 5:

For those of you who want a bay, sail to Porto Pala. To the south is Caprera Porto Palma. This beautiful bay is home to one of the most famous sailing schools of the Mediterranean with the Glénans. The scenery is beautiful and fun, and it may happen that while you are anchored, your boat may become a buoy for training of hundreds of dinghies. Beware of submerged rocks during approach and docking. For those of you who want a town, sail to spend the night at a town called Maddalena. La Maddalena is a very charming town with a fishing harbor, and boasts diverse cultural influences that have influenced its growth. There are numerous bars, restaurants and shops and the atmosphere is very pleasant. There are several ports in which to dock. The most central is Cala Gavetta, situated south of the island.

DAY 6:

Afternoon anchorage: Cala Di Volpe is a big bay with lots of places to set anchor. There are also a number of buoys. Take note not to tie up to the buoys, because you will have to pay even if it is for a short period of time. Another option on returning is Olivia that is in the south east of the Tavola island.

Day 7:

Leave the yacht by 9.00 am.

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