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Croatia – Trogir southward

Don't Miss:

The Blue Lagoon in the island of Drevnik.

Hvar – a trip to the fort and the lookout point.

Palmizana Bay

The Ancient City of Trogir

Komiza town on Vis Island

Croatia is an ideal country for a sailing vacation. It has 1185 islands and countless bays and coves to visit, 300 miles of beaches, tourist towns throbbing with life, youngsters and nightlife. Each place one visits is prettier than the one before. All of this creates a stunning and fascinating region with boundless possibilities for sailing routes. This sailing route goes from Trogir southwards, along the Dalmatian coast, and combines ancient towns, countless coves and bubbling tourist towns. The lively, culture-rich islands of Brač, Šolta Drevnik ,Hvar and Vis to the south and east are just the start, with an endless array of peaceful, picturesque islands, beaches and moorings to explore.

The recommended sailing season is between June and October. The weather is warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 22-30 degrees along the coastline. The predominant winds are Northerly to North-Westerly. The Bora winds, coming of the mountains, are characteristically winter winds, but one should keep an eye out for its sudden arrival. In most places there are organized private marinas such as the "ACI Marina", with water, electricity and a supermarket in the Marina. In season, we recommend arriving at the marinas by 16:00, in order to be sure of getting a berth.

Since Croatia is so well endowed with protected bays, these are an excellent option for both day and night anchorage. Of course, with an eye on the weather.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Set sail to the island of Dvernik – on its southern side is the breathtaking Krknjas Bay, where you’ll enjoy the Blue lagoon. In the afternoon, a short sail will take you to the town of Milna, where there are many restaurants and an extremely enjoyable holiday atmosphere. Alternatively, nearby Bobovisce Bay is a very well protected and enchanting bay, North of Milna.

Day 2:

A short morning sail to the Bay of Uval Smrka, where one can explore the “submarine caves”- During WWII, submarines were hidden in these caves. Finish the day’s sailing at the ancient town of Stari Grad; a picturesque town with largely restaurants, shops and narrow pretty alleys where it is fun to stroll. There is municipal pier here.

Day 3:

Palmizana and the City of Hvar; Hvar is not to be missed! Since anchorage there is very crowded, we suggest sailing to St. Clement Island just south of Hvar. You can anchor at the Palmizana Marina or in the southern section of the island, in the beautiful Bay of Vinogradisce (buoys are also on offer). There is a Taxi-boat from the marina to the city every half-hour in the evenings, from 5p.m. to 11p.m.. The city of Hvar is very lively, and there is a vast number of activities and things to do and see. Don’t miss the fort, and the great view from the bell tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral; loveliest at sunset.

Day 4:

Sail to the old fishing port of Komiža on the western coast of Vis Island. There are some excellent local beaches to visit and a number of seafood restaurants to dine at, serving delicious Croatian lobster, as well as Komiža’s picturesque streets to explore and a unique waterside castle. You can also visit the blue caves on Bisevo Island.

Day 5:

Sailing back to Solta Island. There are several possibilities; anchorage at the town of Stomorska ( connect to electricity and get water); alternately, sail to the town of Rogac’, where there are waterside restaurants offering local foods with particularly diligent service. If you prefer to anchor in the bay, we recommend going to the Sesula bay, then taking the dingy both for either of the two waterside restaurants and for a hike through the exciting town of Maslinica.

DAY 6:

A sail to any one of the dozens of bays the area offers, ending the holiday in the afternoon. If you haven’t yet visited the town of Trogir, we strongly recommend that you should not skip it!! The town offers a variety of good restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shopping. Desirably, fit in a visit to the Cathedral of St. Lovro, in the central square. Recommended restaurant – ‘Hermitage’ One can also anchor at the ACI Marina, and simply cross the bridge to the town.

Day 7:

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