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About Islango

Islango was founded by the Via Maris yacht club, an expert in sailing vacations and marine adventures for over 20 years.

Our passion for sailing, for people and for the ocean has been our motivation for creating perfect sailing vacations for our clients over the years.


We believe that a yacht is a superb vacation platform, and that the perfect sailing holiday is made out of a personally tailored combination of the right vessel, location and route.

Representing all charter companies, small local and the major global ones, we make sure you will find your dream yacht for the best price. Every year our team sails in various areas around the globe, pinpointing the best spots, places and items of interest, as well as the most beautiful and exciting hidden gems for your next vacation.


We built Islango - the ultimate online sailing vacation booking website, fulfilling dreams from the first click.

David Simon

CEO Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuelle Timmor

COO Chief Operating Officer 

Joseph Sokolov

Yacht charter


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