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Croatia – the Kornati Reserve

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A visit to the breathtaking Krka waterfalls

Mir salt lake

Zlarin – the coral town

Vragada bay

The Kornati Reserve sailing route is without a doubt one of the most beautiful routes in the Mediterranean Sea, the serenity elicited by the magnificent natural scenery is overwhelming. The waters are calm, crystal clear and bright, and there is always a good chance to spot dolphins. Most of the route is centered on a nature reserve and the archipelago of the Kornati islands, and the number of sailing routes are infinite– the sky is the limit. You can choose to sail each day amongst one to three out of thousands of island and islets in the region – all are beautiful, each one having its own magic and distinctiveness. Along the nature route and amazing views there is a variety of quiet towns and tourist-oriented towns with many restaurants, shops and night life.

The most frequently used exit from this rout is via Sibenik that is located at the Krka river delta into the Adriatic Sea. Archipelago of the Kornati islands lies between Dugi Otok islands, Zirje, Vrgada, Pasman and Murter. Because it is a nature reserve, most bays that allow anchor will require payment for staying  in the reserve, whether tied-up to a pier or a buoy, or  anchored.

The recommended season for sailing is in the months between June and October. The weather is pleasant and warm, and the temperatures range between 22°C-32°C. Generally, there are northern or north western winds.  Bora winds are more common in winter, but can also blow in summer, their sudden appearance should be kept in mind when planning this trip.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Exit Sibenik to the Kornati islands reserve to anchor between the islands of Kaprije and Kakan for a swim in the gleaming Adriatic. In the bay of Opat, hike up the hill for a stunning view of the islands. (13NM)

Day 2:

Depart via the beautiful Kornati Channel. Stroll through the picturesque fishing village of Sali to experience the island life. Dock in front of the village and choose a spot to eat dinner ashore. (30NM)

Day 3:

Dugi Otok, an island in the Kornati nature reserve, sail to – Telascica bay, one of the biggest natural bays, the most beautiful and famous in the Adriatic Sea. Here you can drop anchor or tie up to a buoy. In the south of the island lies the famous salt lake – Mir salt lake. Do not miss this attraction, but note that there are many tourist boats that dock in the most southern side of the bay nearby the lake. Therefore, we recommend choosing a quieter anchoring place in the northern part of the bay. (9 NM)

Day 4:

Sail to the island of Murter (Marina Hermina) which offers several restaurants and lively nightlife. On the way, you can anchor at one of our recommended bays Pasman or Vragada. (21NM)

Day 5:

Zirje – a magical island rich with highly recommended bays, amongst which are: Trantinska in the north western part of the island. Here you can buy fresh fish from the many fishermen that gather there for rest. Stupica Mala - an amazing bay that is popular and is found in the south eastern part of the island. Mikavica – In the north of the island, a pretty bay for anchorage at noon. (15NM)

DAY 6:

A day of the Krka waterfalls. Sail through the Krka river delta to anchor in the Skardin town, which is further upriver. From there you can go to the nature reserve and waterfalls, by local tourist boats or by bicycle or a 30 minutes walk. In the evening, you can tour the village streets and taste the local specialties –  Peke, cooking under a  bell-like lid covered in embers on fire. (20NM)

Day 7:

Head back early in the morning to sibenik to disembark by 9am. (9NM)

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