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Corfu & the Northern Ionian Sea

Don't Miss:

Sunset trip to the lighthouse in the Bay of Laka (Paxoi Island)

Toulas restaurant in the Bay of Kalmi on Corfu

One day land trip on the island, and an observation point from the Golden Fox Hotel; stunning scenery and a pool with a bar.

Superb ice-cream in the tourist town of Gaios (Paxoi island)

For travelers with kids – Aqualand water Park.

Crystal clear turquoise water, blue caves, tourist towns, excellent cuisine, a happy Greek ambience and short sailing distances – these are the advantages of this Greek sailing trip’s destination, which is becoming ever more popular in recent years. For architecture lovers, the Venetian control of the area over hundreds of years is reflected in the variety of construction on the island, constituting yet another riveting point of interest.

The region offers an ideal sailing experience for all who seek a sailing holiday and for every type of sailor, for both beginner skippers and experienced ones, with friends or with family. Sailing in this area is done between the Island of Corfu, and southwards to the small and enchanted islands of Paxoi and Anti-Paxoi, as well as covering a stretch of the coastline of Greece.

The course comprises mainly little bays for anchoring, and very few marinas. Connecting to water and mainland electricity is possible at the marinas, for a nominal sum. Because of the relatively northern position of the island, the most highly recommended sailing season is between mid-May and the end of September. Through these months the day/night temperatures fluctuate between 20 to 33 degrees respectively. In the in-between season, (April-May and October-November), the day/night temperature ranges between 23 to 12 degrees. In the bay there may be strong north-westerly winds, but its closed shape prevents large waves from forming. All the rental companies are situated in the Gouvia Marina, a 20 minute drive from the island’s airport.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Exit the Gouvia Marina southwards, towards a noon anchorage in the sandy bay Blue Lagoon in Sivota. A short afternoon sail in the direction of the island of Paxoi to the town of Laka – don’t miss it. Beautiful clear water and lots of space to anchor. A trip to the lighthouse up on the hill at sunset is highly recommended. Restaurant recommendation; Paxoimadi

Day 2:

Late departure to the Blue Caves on the island of Paxoi for a noon anchorage. (Recommended only in fair weather; there is no shelter from the westerly wind). After that , a night anchorage in the town of Mongonissi, restaurant suggestion: Pan & Theo, with great food, singing and dancing Greek style.

Day 3:

A sail around the island of Anti-Paxoi. Start from the west of the island, and end for noon anchorage at Mesovrika Beach. Afterwards a trip to Gaios, a charming town, relatively large, with restaurants, cafes and a lovely beach for swimming.

Day 4:

Port of Sivota; an enchanted little village, slightly touristy, with a variety of restaurants, cafes and ice-cream parlors. There is a pier with water and electricity, which usually fills up rather fast. Recommended restaurant: George Family.

Day 5:

A sail to Mandraki anchorage, and Corfu’s Old City. Evening entertainment in the Old City. Another option – for those interested in a lovely bay for night anchorage, sail to Kalami Bay, north of the Gouvia Marina. Recommended restaurant: Toulas Restaurant

DAY 6:

A sail to Agios Stefanos Bay for lunch with an early return to Gouvia Marina; last night sleeping on the yacht.

Day 7:

Leaving the yacht by 9:00 am.

Our Recommendation:

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