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Athens and The Saronic Gulf

Don't Miss:

The fishermen market in Aegina

View point from the clock in Poros

Visit to the amphitheater in the Epidavros

Sunset observation in Hydra

Visit the Acropolis in Athens

The Gulf of Athens, known as the Saronic Gulf, is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean for a variety of reasons - the weather is pleasant, spectacular views, bays, charming towns, low prices and high accessibility.

Sailing in the bay takes place on the route between the islands: Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Dokos, Angistri, Spetses, the Peninsula, and along the beaches and the Pelaponnes. The distances between the islands are short and it is easy to plan sailing routes. That is why sailing in Athens Bay is suitable for all- both beginners and experienced sailors, for a family vacation with the children or for a vacation with friends.

The bay’s closed and protected structure creates suitable and easy sailing conditions, and the area itself consists of light to medium northern winds that are ideal for sailing. The recommended season for a sailing vacation is from April to November. In the summer months the temperature ranges from 20 degrees at night to 35 during the day. During the transition seasons (April-May, October-November) temperatures range from 12 degrees at night to 25 per day The main marinas in which most charter companies operate are Marina Alimos and Marina Zea, two large private marinas offering all the necessary services.

Islango's Digital Pilot Book

This map provides you with useful information that will aid you in planning your vacation, choosing a sailing route, and making decisions before and during your next sailing trip.

Islango Recommended Sailing Route

Day 1:

Departure from Athens to the town of Perdika in the island of Aegina, a popular small harbor, with taverns and cafes on the waterfront.

Day 2:

A day sailing to the island of Dokos - an uninhabited island with a beautiful and protected bay, which serves as an excellent shelter from the wind as well as an enchanted night anchorage. You can make a bonfire on the beach. On the way to Dokos Bay, stop for lunch at Agiou Athanasiou Bay.

Day 3:

From Dokos to Hydra (not to be missed!). A day trip, the harbor in Hydra is one of the most crowded in Greece and therefore we recommend arriving early. The town is built with narrow streets and thousands of white steps, and cars are completely forbidden on this island. Many taverns can be found among the locals' homes. Another option for this day is the nearby Ermioni town and from there you can also take a taxi boat to Hydra.

Day 4:

Set sail from Hydra to Poros Island, an inviting and beautiful town that overlooks the entire mountain. The town is very dense having many steps with white walls adorned with plants and vines. Around the town on the water’s edge are restaurants and shops. There are also more exclusive restaurants up the hill overlooking the sea. Near the town there is a beautiful bay called Rusian Bay.

Day 5:

From Poros to Epidavros. A typical Greek town with taverns and a small bakery, excellent for fresh bread in the morning. It is recommended to take a trip to the antiquities of Epidavros and the amphitheater. For those who want a shorter sailing day - sail to the town of Aegina on the island of Aegina, a slightly crowded, popular little town. In the evening we recommend eating in the fishermen's market and taking a trip to the monastery and to the observation point overlooking the Aegean Sea.

DAY 6:

On the way back to Athens stop for a last lunch break in the beautiful bay of Aponissos on the island of Agistri. If you are lucky you may see dolphins on the way.

Day 7:

Yacht departure by 9:00 pm. We recommend visiting the antiquities of the Acropolis - a spectacular archaeological site, and from there a walk to the city center and the Plaka area.

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