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BareBoat Yacht Rental

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Close your eyes, imagine a yacht, sunset, a tiny bay with turquoise waters. You are surrounded by people that you love the most, holding a glass of wine in your hand… Now stop imagining and let’s turn this dream into reality.

A sailing vacation on a yacht is a different experience from other types of vacations. It brings you back to the small pleasures of life, to discovering real adventurous experiences. The freedom to sail to wherever you wish and to places that are accessible only by sea is a wonderful feeling, combined with the peacefulness of wind blowing through the sails; all form the basis for a perfect vacation.

Where can you sail to?

Sailing destinations are abundant and varied, from lively destinations in the Mediterranean sea, among them being Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy or Spain, to exotic destinations such as the Seychelles, Thailand, Australia and of course the Caribbean islands: BVI, Saint Martin, Grenadines, Cuba, and so on.

In which type of yacht do you sail?

Possibilities are plentiful – Sailing yacht, Catamaran, Motor boat, Gulet, Luxury fully crewed yachts and more.

What experience or sailing license is required?

The appropriate qualification is a coastal sailing license of any type: for example, an IYT bareboat charter or an ASA 104 bareboat skipper, or any other similar qualification. There are leasing agencies where it is sufficient to just have a sailing resume.

How do we hire a yacht if we have no sea experience or sailing license?

If you have no sailing license or sailing experience of any kind, you can hire a skipper who will do the sailing for you.

The skipper is generally local, speaks the indigenous language and English. You may also charter a hostess and chef.

How will I know where the best place to hire a yacht is and of which kind?

We are at your disposal to help you plan your vacation from A to Z in the most professional manner so that you can gain the maximum enjoyment.

Use the smart Islango search engine to choose your sailing destination and find the most suitable yacht.

In addition we will provide you with optimal and up to date tips and recommendations for your sailing destination, and we shall plan the trip together. You will be able to set sail knowing exactly where the magical spots are, the best restaurants, and liveliest bars.

During the charter you will receive 24/7 phone support from an experienced sailing instructor.

The knowledge that we have accumulated over the years is your guarantee.

For whom is this suitable?

For everyone! For yacht sailing we advise you to include family and friends, even if this is a first time for you. You can organize yourselves as a closed group and hire a yacht according to the number of people sailing and the group’s budget.

What is the average daily schedule while sailing?

Every day you go on a short morning sail for a number of hours, anchoring for a lunch break. From there continue to the evening anchorage, whether it be a beautiful bay or a small town with a dock. Generally, the afternoon and evening hours are spent enjoying the town or bay that you have arrived at. We recommend you going on walks, eating in the good restaurants and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Who are the charter companies?

How do we book the perfect sailing trip?

The perfect vacation can begin today, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is search the site for the most appropriate yacht and make the order. You can also contact us by mail, chat or phone.

We are here for you.

Islango Team.

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