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How To Summarize An Interview In A Paper

Jun 20, 2018How to Start an Interview Summary Paper 1 Organize Your Information. Organize the information you obtained during the interview. One easy way to do this is to... 2 Find a Focus. Choose a thesis statement and.

  • Of course, in working with interview data, you might go with all three incorporation strategies by, for example, summarizing early in a paragraph to provide an overall sense of what this source is saying, paraphrasing a key idea or two, and then including a poignant quotation that exemplifies the argument you are making.

  • Dec 14, 2021Three or four lines from the top of the page, write out the full title of your interview paper in bold title case. If your paper has a subtitle, write on its own line underneath the main title, and include a colon at the end of the main title. Additional information begins two spaces below the title, unbolded.

  • Feb 08, 2021[Interview date and location] [Your name and position] [Introduction] [Summarize the responses of the interviewee] [Include any relevant or interesting quotes] [Your closing comments and overall impression] [Recommended action or follow-up, if applicable] [Signature and date if required]Interview report examples

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